sábado, 18 de dezembro de 2010

Aprendendo com os mestres

Conhecer a história dos grandes criadores é uma delícia e também muito inspirador. São lições de vida, de estratégia, de trabalho e dedicação. Estou lendo o livro Visionaries de Susannah Frankel, no qual são compiladas entrevistas que a jornalista fez com diversos designers de moda.
Muito bom conhecer um pouco mais desses mestres. Segue techos das entrevistas, para ler, reler e refletir.

" People just ignored me.
That was fine. I was doing it for myself.
But I Always knew I would be something in fashion.
I didn't know how big, but I always knew I'd be something."

Alexander McQueen

" A lot of people aren't very good when they start
and then later they become interesting.
My work hadn't matured then but you have to go through it.
It's part of the learning process.
I don't even consider I'm there yet.
I haven't finished."

Azzedine Alaia

" I have the impression that there are a lot of things
I haven't done yet. An awful lot of things.
I have the impression not being young, but of being young in my work.
Each day is a new day, and that is very lucky for me.
And each day, when I awake, even if I have the impression 
that what I am doing is terrible, I begin again, and again."

Sonia Rykiel

" We have a great evolution of industry,
a lot of great designers. They are  capable of new ideas,
for new centuries. Why not? If people do  something new,
something radical, we should applaud them.
Sometimes, my clothes are radical, probably, sometimes
challenging, but I try not to fear  radical things."

Issey Miyake

   " I think that what makes something modern is its 
functionality, that's what modernism was created for, that 
the design of something comes from its function. 
The final result of the work is minimal, but it's not minimal 
in the sense that a lot of research and thought has gone into it. 
It's like when you refine an idea over and over again. 
I don't like things that are over-designed. 
I think you can get away with more faults when things are 
over-designed because you can tuck them away somehow. 
It's easier to create an impact with that than with something that is less. 
It's harder to edit an idea than it is to add on."

Hussein Chalayan

"No, no. I am not trendy. You have to put these two things 
in two different boxes. Trendy is for  extremely young people and 
also for people who are maybe a little bit  fashion victim. 
What I try to do is a young collection - glamorous, sexy, extremely feminine - 
but not clothes that only last for a short , short season."


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